Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum Overviews have been developed to help parents understand what is expected of students in each grade level in the core subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. It provides a listing of skills and concepts to be taught in each grade level. Tips and activities are also provided to help your child learn at home.

Curriculum Overview K-5

Curriculum Overview K-5 Español

Partners for Achievement Newsletter


These newsletters provide an overview of what students will learn during each semester in reading, writing, and mathematics for kindergarten through fifth grade. These newsletters also offer parents ideas to support their student's learning at home.

Partners for Achievement-1st Semester K-5 (15-16)

Partners for Achievement-1st Semester K-5 (Español)

Partners for Achievement-2nd Semester K-5 (15-16)

Partners for Achievement- 2nd Semester K-5 (Español)