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Lucille S. Rogers


Mrs. Lucille S. Rogers, mother of James E. Rogers and grandmother of three, was born in Kentucky to a family of highly educated ministers and college professors whose sole interest was teaching. As a graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College, Lucille did graduate work at the University of Kentucky, Lexington and received her Masters of Education degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1977. She is an accomplished pianist and organist. Lucille Rogers also attended the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Science Hill School, Department of Music in Shelbyville, Kentucky.


Lucille Rogers began her teaching career in Los Alamos, New Mexico as a librarian and remedial reading instructor. In 1953, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and accepted a position as a second grade teacher at Jefferson School in North Las Vegas. After one year, Mrs. Rogers moved to Paradise Elementary School where she retired after 34 years of service.


Mrs. Rogers helped thousands of students to grow and flourish. She is a person of boundless energy, optimism, good cheer, and community spirit. She has all the gifts of a great teacher, which she shared through positive example; she also mentored thousands of young people, now who are leaders of our community. These gifts she also shared with the family she raised while teaching school in the valley. Lucille Rogers played a pivotal role in the education of three generations of elementary school children. In addition to instruction and curriculum development, she provided a positive influence by the example of her life to each of her children.


Outside the school setting, she worked to promote a community environment to support the educational system. She served on many boards and worked diligently to provide educational scholorships for outstanding students. She was always willing to share her expertise with young students from UNLV who were assigned to her classroom.


Lucille S. Rogers' family traditionally contributes to Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School. These contributions have enabled the students to have additional library materials, instructional supplies, and other programs, which enhance children's education. Her family's monetary support of the Law School in Las Vegas, the College of Engineering in Reno, as well as many other programs within the university and community setting has been outstanding.


Mrs. Rogers is an exemplary role model and should be recognized for her scholorship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Lucille is active in various community drives, including the March of Dimes and the Community Calendar. She is a patron of the arts and supports both the Masters Series and Nevada Dance Theatre. She is a church organist and has directed both senior and junior choirs. Lucille Rogers, through her indelible style, grace, and honesty has earned the greatest of admiration and is respected as one of Nevada's most successful women. The integrity and dignity that she has consistently displayed throughout her life demonstrates that there could be no finer example for our children to emulate.

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